Band and History

"Being an artist means paddling on an inflatable mattress through the ocean of life."
W.Dick, Fish

Here is a brief outline of who we are and who we were.

Photo: Eva Nagler Photography

The Band (left to right) Pfiffi (Guitar), Dave (Bass), Arno (Vocals), Bolzen (Drums), Krusty (Guitar)

Founded in the summer of 1994 in Ruhla by Krusty, Bolzen, Arno and Matze and shortly thereafter strengthened by Marko on the second guitar.

The composing of own songs and above all the presentation of the same at live performances lasted until the year 1997 This year, the first demo tape "Schattenspiele" was released, which is followed by a total of 2 EPs and 3 CDs, as well as several contributions on various samplers. In February 2000, after the recordings for the "Ominous Silence" EP, Marko left the band and was replaced by Sebastian on the 6-string. Between 2000 and 2010 the CDs "Terror Mundi" (2002, Head Records), "Warmasutra" (2004, own production), "Empusa" (2010, own production), as well as the EP "Reminder" (2006, own production) were created in this constellation.

In May 2013, Sebastian quit his job at Abyzz to pursue his own projects and so Abyzz was on the search again, until the beginning of 2014, Pfiffi took over the post. The incorporation of new band members was there but unfortunately still not finished, as founding member Matze had to leave in early 2015 for personal reasons. Fortunately, the 4-string could be re-recorded quite soon when Gebbe joined the band in the spring of 2015. Unfortunately, the time with Gebe was limited. After 3 years, at the end of 2018, he also stopped at Abyzz for family reasons! And again, the search for a suitable man for the bass group started ...

Despite the adverse circumstances, the band began in February 2019 with the recordings for the new longplayer "Reborn Plague", which should be released in the same year for the 25th anniversary of the band on the listener. By the way, some live gigs were completed and the "Silver Ribbon Wedding" was celebrated on the 1st Burgbrand Open Air in Lauchröden. Until this time, there was also a new man for the (even five-stringed) bass! With Dave, the band is complete again and ready for the next 25 years Metal! it was planned...
Sadly Pfiffi was the next, who had to cancel the membership at abyzz due to private reasons in April 2020! Dammned...! Searching for some new guitar hero in pandemic times would be challenging... but was'nt really. We did a job posting on Facebook, and about 6 weeks later, Eik joyned Abyzz as the new six string player in July 2020!

... and the story continues...