Abyzz was foundet in summer 1993 by Krusty, Arno, Matze & Bolzen. From Dec. 1994 ´til Mar. 2000 the 2nd guitar was played by Marco, who leaves the band after the recordings for their first album.He was replaced by Sebastian a few days later.
The music Abyzz is playing is based on midtempo parts, loosened with breaks and guitar soli that create the unique sound, the band has developed throughout the years.
After a few years of playing live on different locations in Germany, Abyzz decided to put the music on tape.The first Demo-MC "SCHATTENSPIELE" was released in 1997 and was sold out in a short time. Abyzz got the chance to put one track from the Demo upon a CD-Sampler called "THE SECOND VISION . . . FROM THE MYSTIC FOREST", released in 1998 by Moonrise Production.
All this leadet Abyzz to the decision to record new material on CD."OMINOUS SILENCE" was released in July 2000, and with it Abyzz was touring again, looking for a Label to sign a record-deal.In June 2001 the deal was done with HEAD-RECORDS from Germany and Abyzz start to work on their second album "TERROR MUNDI", which was released in february 2002. One year and many gig´s later, the time was right, to do some new stuff on CD, and so the recordings for the next one begun in fall 2003. The "WARMASUTRA" - piece was released in may 2004 after a copple of shows most in germany, but also in other european countries. Two years later, in may 2006 the "REMINDER" - named EP was released as a preview to the next coming full length CD. And after doing many gigs again, the "EMPUSA" - CD was finished january 2010.

1997 Demotape "Schattenspiele" - self produced
1998 song on the Sampler "The Second Vision . . . From The Mystic Forest"
2000 EP "Ominous Silence" - self produced
2002 CD "Terror Mundi" - Head Records
2004 CD "Warmasutra" - self produced
2004 song on the Sampler "Deathophobia VIII"
2006 EP "Reminder" - self produced
2010 CD "Empusa" - self produced